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简介1.上海高中英语阅读理解及答案2.新闻阅读题的常考类型及答题思路 语文阅读题答题思路3.迟子建《一滴水可以活多久》高考散文阅读题及答案4.2017高考英语真题分类汇编阅读理解真题及答案5.《生命生命》阅读题的答案6.特别的礼物阅读题及答案解析?  30. What is the argument over Uber according to the passage?  A. Whether


2.新闻阅读题的常考类型及答题思路 语文阅读题答题思路






 30. What is the argument over Uber according to the passage?

 A. Whether it guarantees customers' safety.

 B. Whether it provides reliable services.

 C. Whether it lowers customers' expenses.

 D. Whether it can compete with standard taxis.

 31. What will be talked about in the following paragraphs?

 A. Existing regulations and laws.

 B. Necessary improvements of current laws.

 C. Further development of Airbnb and Uber.

 D. More downsides of Airbnb and Uber.


 The old shopkeeper led me through to the back of the shop. The room was filled with boxes and dusty photographs of people holding packages in their hands.

 Mr. Hopkins said, ?We have a very wide choice of items for sale. Whenever I serve a new customer, I take their picture.? Mr. Hopkins pointed to an ancient camera on a table.

 I began to appreciate the lovely items on sale. I spent a very pleasant hour being shown the commodities in the shop. Finally, I bought an antique jewelry box, a pair of riding boots and a sewing machine.

 I was very excited that I had found such a good little shop. ?I will tell all my friends about your lovely place,? I told the shopkeeper. ?Please do not do that, sir?, said Mr. Hopkins. ?This is a special place for special people. You must keep this shop a secret.? Then he took my photograph, and handed me the picture straight away.

 ?That was quick!? I exclaimed. In the picture I looked proud and excited holding the presents I had bought there.

 On Christmas Day, my friends and relatives were delighted with the presents I had bought for them. For weeks, my brother begged me to take him to the wonderful little shop. I finally agreed .

 We walked along Oxford Street, passed the department store and found nothing. In its place was an empty space being used as a car park. I checked the area again. There was the music shop, and there was the department store. In between should have been Hopkins and Son, but it wasn?t there.

 Just then an old policeman came . ?Are you looking for something, sir he asked. ?I am looking for a little shop called Hopkins and Son. ?

 ?Oh yes, there was a shop here once called Hopkins and Son. But it was knocked down over 30 years ago.?

 I looked again at the place , and then I reached into my pocket and took out the photograph that Mr. Hopkins had taken of me holding my presents in the little shop.

 ?How strange? I exclaimed.

 32. What did the author think of Hopkins and Son?

 A. Big and modern .

 B. Old and outdated.

 C. Little and dusty.

 D. Lovely and wonderful.

 33. We can infer from Paragraph 4 that Mr. Hopkins ________.

 A. was ashamed of his little shop.

 B. didn?t like his shop to be advertised.

 C. was one of the author?s special friends.

 D. handed the author his picture immediately.

 34. What does the underlined word揷ommoditiesn? refer to?

 A. The goods in the shop

 B. the author?s gifts

 C. Photographs taken by Mr. Hopkins

 D. Packages held by other customers

 35. What can we learn about the shop?

 A. It was closed by the police.

 B. It was well-known in that area.

 C. It was knocked down a few weeks ago.

 D. It was between a music shop and a department store.

 第二节 (共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)


 Most people believe they don't have much imagination. They are wrong. Everyone

 has imagination, 36 Here are three techniques to help you regain your imagination

 and creativity from when you were a kid.

 Making connections.

 This technique involves taking unrelated ideas and trying to find links between

 them. First, think about the problem you have to solve or the job you need to do. 37 Think of as many ideas/words associated with candles: light, fire, matches, wax,night, silence, etcas you can and write them down. The next stage is to relate the ideas to the job you have to do.

 No limits!

 38 You have as much time/space/money, etc. as you want. Think about your goal and the new possibilities. If your goal is to learn to ski, for example, you can now practise skiing every day of your life (because you have the time and the money) . Now adapt this to reality. Maybe you can practise skiing every day in December, or every Monday in January.


 Look at the situation from a different point of view. Fiction writers often imagine they are the characters in their books. They ask questions: What does this character want? Why can't she get it? What changes must she make to get what she wants? 40 The best fishermen think like fish!

 A. Being someone else!

 B. Asking questions!

 C. Imagine that normal limitations don't exist.

 D. Then find an image, word, idea or object, for example, a candle.

 E. If your goal involves other people, put yourself in their positions.

 F. but most of us, once we become adults, forget how to make use of it.

 G. and we are on the way to achieving it whether the way is smooth or tough.


 21-23.DAC, 24-27.CAAC, 28-31.CDAB, 32-35.DBAD, 36-40.FDCAE。








 15.甲文描绘了春草图和春花图两幅春天的画面,乙文描绘了四幅春天的画面,分别是 、 、天空春图、 。(3分)










 春天是一缕轻轻吟唱的暖风,和着声声婉转的鸟语;春天是一捧温暖明亮的阳光,吻着馥郁醉人的花香;春天是 , 。


 15.(3分。每空1分,意近即可)田畴春图 河畔春图 果园春图







1. 风雨桥阅读理解题及答案

2. 《答张籍书》阅读练习及答案

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5. 语文记叙文阅读练习题及答案解析

新闻阅读题的常考类型及答题思路 语文阅读题答题思路





 Look to many of history?s cultural symbols, and there you?ll find an ancestor of Frosty, the snowman in the movie Frozen. It appeared on some of the first postcards, starred in some of the earliest silent movies, and was the subject of a couple of the earliest photos, dating all the way back to the 1800s. I discovered even more about one of humanity?s earliest forms of life art during several years of research around the world.

 For example, snowmen were a phenomenon in the Middle Ages, built with great skill and thought. At a time of limited means of expression, snow was like free art supplies dropped from the sky. It was a popular activity for couples to leisurely walk through town to view the temporary works of chilly art. Some were created by famous artists, including a 19-year-old Michelangelo, who in 1494 was appointed by the ruler of Florence, Italy, to build a snowman in his mansion?s courtyard.

 The Miracle of 1511 took place during six freezing weeks called the Winter of Death. The city of Brussels was covered in snowmen?an impressive scene that told stories on every street corner. Some were political in nature, criticizing the church and . Some were a reflection of people?s imagination. For the people of Brussels, this was a defining moment of artistic freedom. At least until spring arrived, by which time they were dealing with damaging floods.

 If you fear the heyday of the snowman has passed, don?t worry: I?ve learned that some explosive snowman history is still being made today. Every year since 1818, the people of Zurich, Switzerland, celebrate the beginning of spring by blowing up a snowman. On the third Monday of April, the holiday Sechselauten is kicked off when a cotton snowman called the Boogg is stuffed with explosive and paraded through town by bakers and other tradesmen who throw bread to the crowds. The parade ends with the Boogg being placed on a 40-foot pile of firewood. After the bells of the Church of St. Peter have rung six times, representing the passing of winter, the pile is lit. When the snowman explodes, winter is considered officially over?the quicker it is burnt down, the longer summer is said to be.

 66. According to the passage, why did snowmen become a phenomenon in the Middle Ages?

 A. People thought of snow as holy art supplies.

 B. People longed to see masterpieces of snow.

 C. Building snowmen was a way for people to express themselves.

 D. Building snowmen helped people develop their skill and thought.

 67. ?The heyday of the snowman? (paragraph 4) means the time when___________.

 A. snowmen were made mainly by artists

 B. snowmen enjoyed great popularity

 C. snowmen were politically criticized

 D. snowmen caused damaging floods

 68. In Zurich, the blowing up of the Boogg symbolizes__________________.

 A. the start of the parade

 B. the coming of a longer summer

 C. the passing of the winter

 D. the success of tradesmen

 69. What can be concluded about snowmen from the passage?

 A. They were appreciated in history

 B. They have lost their value

 C. They were related to movies

 D. They vary in shape and size

 参考答案:66. C 67. B 68. C 69. A


 Scary Bunny

 The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005) is the first full-length feature film made by directors Nick Park and Steve Box with their amazing plasticine (粘土) characters Wallace and Gromit. It won an Oscar in 2006, and if you watch it, you?ll understand why. It?s an absolutely brilliant cartoon comedy.

 Cheese-loving inventor Wallace and his brainy dog Gromit have started a company to protect the town?s vegetables from hungry rabbits. However, just before the annual Giant Vegetable Competition, an enormous rabbit begins terrorising the town. It is attacking all the vegetables and destroying everything in its path. The competition organizer, Lady Tottington, hires Wallace and Gromit to catch the monster alive. But they will have to find the were-rabbit before gun-crazy hunter Victor Quartermaine who is desperate to kill it.

 The screenplay is witty and full of amusing visual jokes. As usual, the voice of Peter Sallis is absolutely perfect for the role of Wallace, and Gromit is so beautifully brought to life, he can express a huge range of emotions without saying a word. And both Helena Bonham-Carter, who plays the part of Lady Tottington, and Ralph Fiennes as Victor are really funny.

 To sum up, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit is an amazing film which is suitable for both children and adults. If you liked Wallace and Gromit?s previous adventures and you appreciate the British sense of humour, you?ll love this film. Don?t miss it!

 70. In the film review, what is paragraph A mainly about?

 A. The introduction to the leading roles B. The writer?s opinion of acting

 C. The writer?s comments on the story D. The background information

 71. According to the film review, ?the monster? (paragraph B) refers to ______.

 A. a gun-crazy hunter B. a brainy dog

 C. a scary rabbit D. a giant vegetable

 72. Which of the following is a reason why the writer recommends the film?

 A. It?s full of wit and humour.

 B. Its characters show feelings without words.

 C. It is an adventure film directed by Peter Sallis.

 D. It is about the harmony between man and animals.

 参考答案:70. D 71. C 72. A



新闻阅读作为高考实用类文本阅读的一个题型,在一些省份的高考卷中反复出现,在备考中应该引起我们的重视。  透过近几年的高考题,我们可以总结出以下高考常考题型。  一、分析新闻的文体特征。













































16.请仔细阅读第一自然段两处画线的句子,分别说明作者这样写的意图。 (4分)



了怎样的回答? (6分)





















 In one way of thinking, failure is a part of life. In another way, failure may be a way towards success. The ―spider story‖ is often told. Robert Bruce, leader of the Scots in the 13th century, was hiding in a cave from the English. He watched a spider spinning a web(蜘蛛织网). The spider tried to reach across a rough place in the rock. He tried six times without success. On the seventh time he made it and went on to spin his web. Bruce is said to have taken heart and to have gone on to defeat the English? Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, made hundreds of models that failed before he found the right way to make one.

 So what? First, always think about your failure. What caused it? Were conditions right? Were you in top from yourself? What can you change so things will go right next time?

 Second, is the goal(目标)you're trying to reach the right one? Try to do some thinking about what your real goals may be. Think about his question, ?If I do succeed in this, where will it get me?This may help you prevent failure in things you shouldn't be doing anyway.

 The third thing to bear in mind about failure is that it's a part of life. Learn to ―live with yourself‖ even though you may have failed. Remember, ―You can't win them all.‖

 1.This passage deals with two sides of failure. In paragraph 1, the author talks mainly about ______ .

 A.the value of failur B.how people would fail

 C.famous failures D.the cause of failure

 2.The underlined phrase?made it?means ______ .

 A.succeeded B.failed C.gave D.got

 3.The lesson the spider taught Robert Bruce seems ______ .

 A.productive B.straight forward C.sorrowful D.deep

 4.The author tells you to do all things except ______ .

 A.The think about the cause of your failure

 B.to check out whether your goals are right for you

 C.to consider failure as a part or life

 D.to bear in mind that you will never fail in your life

 5.Which of the following is NOT true?

 A.Bruce and Edison were successful examples. B.Failure may be regarded as a way toward success.

 C.Edison learned a lot from the lesson the spider taught Robert Bruce.

 D.One may often raise a question whether his goals are worth attempting.


 In sport the sexes(性别)are separate. Women and men do not run or swim in the same races. Women are less strong than men. That at least is what people say. Women are called the weaker sex, or, if men want to please them, the fair sex. But boys and girls are taught together at schools and universities. There are women who are famous Prime Ministers, scientists and writers. And women live longer than men . A European woman can expect to live until the age of 74, a man only until he is 68.Are women's bodies really weaker?

 The fastest men can run a mile in under 4 minutes. The best women need 4.5 minutes. Women's time are always slower than men's, but some facts are a surprise. Some of the fastest women swimmers today are teenage girls. One of them swam 400 metres in 4 minutes 21.2 seconds when she was only 16.The first?Tartan?in film was an Olympic swimmer, Johnny Weissmuller. His fastest 400 metres was 4 minutes 49.1 seconds, which is 37.9 seconds slower than a girl 50 years later! This does not mean that women are catching men up. Conditions are very different now and sport is much more serious. It is so serious that some women athletes are given hormone (荷尔蒙)injections(注射). At the Olympics a doctor has to check whether the women athletes are really women or not. It seems sad that sport has such problems. Life can be very complicated(复杂的) when there are two separate sexes!

 1.Women are called the weaker sex because ______ .

 A.women do as much as men

 B.people think women are weaker than men

 C.sport is easier for men than for women

 D.in sport the two sexes are always together

 2.Which of the following is true?

 A.Boys and girls study separately everywhere. B.Women do not run or swim in races with men.

 C. Famous Prime Ministers are women .

 D.Men can expect to live longer than women in Europe.

 3.?That at least is what people say?means people ______ .

 A.say other things , too

 B.don't say this much

 C.say this but may not think so

 D.only think this

 4.What problems does sport have?

 A.Some women athletes are actually men.

 B.Some women athletes are give hormone injections. C.Women and men do not run or swim in the same races.

 D.It is difficult to check whether women athletes are really women.

 5.In this passage the author implies that ______

 A.women are weaker than wen , but faster

 B.women are slower than men, but stronger

 C.men are not always stronger and faster than women

 D.men are faster and stronger than women



 People bury treasure to stop other people from taking it. They choose a quiet place, dig a deep hole and bury the treasure in it. Then they make a map of where the treasure is or write down other clues(线索)that will help them or someone else to find it again.

 In Britain a few years ago; a writer wrote about some treasure that he had buried. He put clues in the story to help readers find it. Thousands of people hunted for the treasure. They dug holes all over Britain, hoping to find it.

 One of the most popular adventure stories ever written is Robert Louis Stephenson's ?Treasured Island?, an exciting story about a young boy, Jim Hawkins, who is captured by pirates and later finds some buried treasure.

 Then there is the true story about a man who had to travel overseas for a year. He did not trust banks, so he buried his life savings in a park. Then he went away. On his return, he went straight to the park. But the park was no longer there. In its place there was a huge building.

 And then there was the man who buried his savings, all in bank notes, in a waterproof(防水的) bag. When he dug it up years later, there was nothing left. Worms and insects had eaten the bag and everything in it.

 And of course, these are stories about people who bury things and either forget where they have buried them or lose the map.

 Although it is true that people sometimes lose their money because a bank fails, banks are still the safest place to keep our savings and treasures.

 1.People who bury treasure usually

 A.do not trust banks

 B.have a little money .

 C.want to live in a quiet place.

 D.expect to lose it

 2.The writer in Britain

 A.really had buried something.

 B.started a nationwide treasure hunt.

 C.had lost his treasure and wanted people to help him find it.

 D.caused trouble because people dug holes everywhere.

 3.―Treasure Island‖

 A.is a story about pirates.

 B.is about the adventures of Jim Hawkins.

 C.is the most popular story ever written

 D.is a well-known fairy tale.

 4.The man who buried his money in a park

 A.thought his money was safer there than in a bank.

 B.travelled on the sea for a year.

 C.got his life savings back again.

 D.stayed away longer than he expected.

 5 . From these stories we understand that

 A.we cannot trust banks.

 B.we should not trust anyone.

 C.a waterproof bag is not proof against worms and insects.

 D.insects eat anything.



 纵观历年的高考题,阅读理解在语文试卷中考查的重点,占据着非常重要的地位,并且有逐年不断增加的趋势,要想提高阅读能力,还要在平时多进行练习。以下是我收集整理的 《生命生命》阅读答案及考点分析 ,仅供各位同学参考和学习,旨在让同学们更好的把握文章的重点内容,并有所启发和收获。



 生命 生命










 蜜蜂终于感到自己恢复了体力,可以试着飞一飞了。随着一声嗡嗡的声响,它离开了困住它的地面,从沙地上飞了起来,但还没能飞3英寸远。这个生灵A 得那么可怜,它在地上挣扎着。然而,接下来的是更有力的捋翅和扑翅。



 1.从?碰、撞、栽、摔?中选出适当的词填在A、B两处,A处应为____, B处应为______。














 1.摔 撞



 4.表现我不珍视小蜜蜂 表现小蜜蜂顽强不屈的精神。


 6.原题?生命 生命?,采用反复的修辞强调了生命的重要,表达了作者对生命的敬畏。

 7.通过写我两次将小蜜蜂踩入沙土,小蜜蜂努力振翅飞翔的故事,表达了我对蜜蜂顽强生命力的赞颂。 (言之有理即可)




 玛洛比此刻正在奥兰多,她早就起来了,但她怕打扰丈夫阿尔琼休息,一直 等到7点才拨通家里的电话,因为今天是他的生日。结婚27年了,她从未忘记过。不能与丈夫一起庆贺他的53岁生日,她感到很遗憾。好在今天晚上她就可以回家了。
















 1.下列对小说有关内容的分析和概括,不恰当的两项是 *** ****** ******5分***

 A.小说标题“ 特别的礼物”的“特别”之处主要在于它是需要作心脏移植手术的生日者得到了可以移植的心脏,而且是他妻子捐献给他的。













 ***1***答案 A E***答对一项得3分,全答对得5分***

 解析 A.“他妻子捐献给他”,“捐献”的说法不妥;E.这些人物如果不写,对情节没有什么影响.但对小说的主题会有-定的影响。这些次要人物的作用主要有三点:①增强情节的真实感。②丰富了人物形象,使人物形象更饱满。③从侧面表现阿尔琼和玛洛比一家生活的幸福。反衬出玛洛比出车祸去世给阿尔琼造成的痛苦和悲哀。

 ***2***.答案 ①从内容来看,这句话表现了玛洛比对丈夫无微不至的关心和相濡以沫的爱;***3分***②从结构来看,这句话为后文写阿尔琼有心脏病、需要作心脏移植手术的情节作了铺垫。***3分***

 ***3***.答案 ①这是阿尔琼向玛洛比求爱时说的,在当时表达了阿尔琼希望得到玛洛比真心的爱的心理。②如今,玛洛比的心脏已经移植进了阿尔琼的胸腔,“真正”得到了她的“心”,但她人已离去,令人不胜伤感。③这句话联结过去与现在,沟通了物质与情感,融合了虚与实.对表现中心主题涵蕴无穷,体现出小说高超的艺术技巧。***每条2分,意思对即可***


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