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简介1.英语高考常考的词汇?2.高考英语词汇量是多少3.谁有2014年江苏高考英语阅读翻译,D篇!4.2014江苏英语高考73分在什么水平这是新增的词汇哦,还有原来的不要忘了!!!1. abuse[?‘bju:s] n.滥用 Much of the crime in this area is related to drug abuse. [bjuz]v. 滥用I‘m afraid the







1. abuse[?'bju:s] n.滥用 Much of the crime in this area is related to drug abuse.

[bjuz]v. 滥用I'm afraid the position is open to abuse.

2. academy[?'k?d?m?] n. 专科学校;学会,学院He passed into the Military Academy with no difficulty.

3. adequate [d?kw?t] adj. 足够的;适当的Wear clothes that provide adequate protection against the wind and rain.

4. adolescent[dlesnt] n. 少年adj. 青春期的The adolescent period is one's best time.

5. advocate ['?dv?ke?t] vt. 提倡We advocate solving international dispute by negotiation, instead of appealing to arms. 我们主张通过协商解决国际争端,而不主张诉诸武力。

6. agency ['e?dns?] n. 代理;机构He was placed in Xin Hua News Agency as a translator. 他被安排在新华通讯社当翻译。

7. aggressive [gres?v] You'd better keep the two aggressive boys apart. 你最好把那两个好斗的男孩分开。

8. amateur n. 业余爱好者 adj. 业余的Although Tom's only an amateur he's a first-class player. 虽然汤姆只是个业余爱好者,但却是一流的高手。

9. ambiguous[?m?b?gju?s] adj. 含糊的This sentence is ambiguous in sense. 这个句子意思不清楚。

10. apparent [?'p?r?nt] adj. 易看见的It was apparent from her face that she was really upset. 从面容上一眼就可以看出她确实心绪烦乱。

11. applaud [?'pl?:d] vt. 鼓掌欢迎vi.鼓掌The audience laughed and applauded

12. applicant [pl?k?nt] n. 申请人This applicant is by far the better than that one.

13. architect [?ɑ:k?tekt] n. 建筑师. The new building was built from the design of a famous architect.

14. assume [?'sju:m] vt.假设It is reasonable to assume that he knew beforehand that this would happen. 有理由认为他事先就知道会发生这样的事。

15. authentic [?:?θent?k] adj. 真的,真正的This is an authentic news report. We can depend on it.

16. awesome ['?:s?m] adj. 令人敬畏的;可怕的They had an awesome task ahead.

17. bachelor ['b?tl?] n. 学士;单身汉Distrusting women, he remained a bachelor all his life.

18. balcony ['b?lk?n?] n. 阳台There were tubs of flowers on the balcony.

19. biochemistry [?ba?'kem?str?] n. 生物化学

20. ['bn?s] n. 奖金,额外津贴;红利. The workers expected to share out a year-end . 工人们期望年终分红。

21. boom [bu:m] n.繁荣 The country is having a great boom in industry.

22. bound [ba?nd] adj. 必然会Pete, ever the optimist, said things were bound to improve. 一向乐观的皮特说,事情必定是会好转的。

23. boundary ['ba?ndr?] n. 分界线 A river forms the boundary between the two countries.

24. brunch [br?nt?] n. 早午餐 They eat much the same thing for brunch every day. 每天早午餐他们总是吃同样的东西。

25. bunch [b?nt?] n. 束,串She picked a large bunch of flowers for table decoration. 她采了一大捧花来装饰桌子。

26. capsule n. ['k?psju:l] 胶囊;航天舱The doctor advised me to take a capsule this morning.

27. cast [kɑ:st] vt. 铸造;投掷She cast a welcoming smile in his direction. 她向他微笑以示欢迎。

28. category [?k?t?g?ri] n. 类型,种类These questions may be included in the same category. 这些问题可以归入一类。

29. catholic [?k?θl?k] adj.天主教的

30. chef [?ef] n. 厨师No one can become a chef without practical experience.

31. commit [k?'m?t] vt. 犯罪;把…托付给I have never committed any crime... 我从来没犯过罪。

32. compass ['k?mp?s] n. 罗盘;指南针The invention of the compass was referred to China. 指南针是中国发明的。

33. compromise ['k?mpr?ma?z] vi. 折中解决;妥协The spokesman made it evident that no compromise was yet in sight. 发言人表示,目前还不会妥协。

34. confidential [?k?nf?'den?l] adj. 秘密的He refused to allow his secretary to handle confidential letters. 他不让秘书处理机密文件。

35. consequence [?k?nsikw?ns] n. 结果 The consequence was that he caught a bad cold. 结果是他得了重感冒。

36. conservative [k?n?s?:v?t?v] adj. 保守的 Politically, they belonged to the conservative party and opposed reform. 在政治上,他们是保守派,反对改革。

37. consistent [k?n?s?st?nt] adj. 一致的 His action is always consistent with his words. 他始终言行一致。

38. consult [k?n's?lt] vi. 商议vt. 请教 If you have no idea about it, consult a dictionary, please. 要是你对这个问题不清楚,请你查字典得了。

39. contradict [?k?ntr?'d?kt] vt. 反驳Young children should never contradict what their parents say. 孩子们绝对不应顶撞父母。

40. convey [k?n've?] vt. 传达 Don't forget to convey my regards when you see him. 你去见着他,别忘了给我捎个好儿。

41. criterion [kra?'trn] (pl criteria) n. (批评、判断等的)标准 Only social practice can be the criterion of truth. 只有社会实践才能是检验真理的唯一标准。

42. cuisine [kwzi:n] n. 烹饪,烹调法The hotel has a large dining room serving superb local cuisine. 饭店有一个大餐厅供应上好的当地菜肴。

43. damp [d?mp] adj. 微湿的

44. departure [dpɑ:t(r)] n. 离开 Do you know what lies behind her sudden departure for London? 你知道她突然去伦敦的原因吗?

45. desperate [?desp?r?t] adj. 绝望的;铤而走险的They made a desperate attempt to save the company. 他们为挽救公司作孤注一掷的努力。

46. detective [dtekt?v] n. 侦探

47. distinction [dstk?n] n. 区别 We must draw a clear distinction between right and wrong. 我们必须明确区分是与非。

48. draft [drɑ:ft] vt. 起草 n.草稿 I know that this draft text will need to be edited.

49. electronic [lek'tr?n?k] adj. 电子的 It is an electronic device with many uses. 这是一部具有多种用途的电子仪器。

50.enquiry [?n'kwar?] n. 询问 The enquiry must be independently conducted. 这次调查必须独立进行。

51. evident [?ev?d?nt] adj. 明显的 It has now become evident to us that a mistake has been made. 我们已经清楚出了差错。

52. expose [?k'spz] vt. 揭露;使暴露 We must expose this shameful activity to the newspapers. 我们一定要向报社揭露这一无耻行径。

53. extraordinary [?k?strdnri] adj. 非凡的,特别的 She has a marvellous voice with an extraordinary range. 她歌喉甜美,音域奇广。

54. fantasy ['f?nt?s?] n. 幻想;空想的产物

55. flashlight ['flla?t] n. 手电筒I saw the sudden flare of a flashlight in the darkness. 我看到手电筒在黑暗中突然闪出的亮光。

56. fortnight [?f?:tna?t] n. 两星期 You need a break. Why not take a fortnight off from work? 你需要休息,为什么不休假两周呢?

57. freeway ['fri:we?] n. 高速公路

58. gallery ['ɡ?l?r?] n. 画廊 A number of priceless works of art were stolen from the gallery. 美术馆中许多价值连城的艺术品被盗。

59. grand [ɡr?nd] adj. 宏大的 My hospital room was like Grand Central Station with everybody coming and going. 我的病房就像纽约的中央火车站,整天人来人往。

60. holy ['hl?] adj. 神圣的 A holy person is required to read the Holy Bible. 圣徒必读《圣经》。

61. hydrogen [?ha?dr?dn] n. <化>氢

62. identify [a?'dent?fa?] vt. 识别 Would you be able to identify the man who robbed you? 你能够认出那个抢你东西的人吗?

63. immigration [mgren] n. 移民;移居 A considerable number of people object to the 's attitude to immigration. 相当多的人反对政府对待移民问题的态度。

64. librarian [la?'bre?rn] n. 图书管理员 The librarian entered a new book in the catalogue. 图书管理员把一本新书编入目录。

65. lid [l?d] n. 盖子I can't get this lid off—It'seems to be nailed down. 我打不开这个盖子,好像是被钉住了。

66. mourn [m?:n] vi. 哀痛 vt. 表示深深的遗憾

67. offensive [fens?v] adj. 无礼的

68. plug [pl?ɡ] vt.& vi. 插上插头n. 塞子;插头 Check that the plug has not come loose . 检查一下别让插头松脱了。

69.portable [?p?:t?bl] adj. 手提的 I have a portable typewriter.

70. psychology [sa?'k?l?d] n. 心理学

71. qualification [?kw?l?f?'ken] n. 资格 Jack has obtained a medical qualification. 杰克取得了行医资格证书。

72. random ['r?nd?m] adj. 任意的;随机的n. 随意 The interviews were given to a random sample of students. 随机抽选出部分学生进行了采访。

73. receipt [r?'si:t] n. 收据 After she paid the bill, she placed the receipt in her wallet. 她付了款之后把收据放进皮夹子里。

74. receptionist [rsepn?st] n. 接待员 Ask the receptionist to put your call through to my room. 让接待员把你的电话接到我房间。

75. reservation [?rez?'ven] n. 保留 I'll call the restaurant and make a reservation . 我要给饭店打个电话预订座位。

76. resign [r?'za?n] vt.& vi. 辞职,放弃

77. sacrifice ['s?kr?fa?s] n. 牺牲vt.& vi. 牺牲 He decided to sacrifice a trip for a new house. 为了购买新房子,他决定放弃旅行。

78. self [self]

79. sideway ['sa?dwe?] n.人行道

80. sleeve [sli:v] n.袖子

81. spiritual [?sp?r?t?u?l] adj. 精神的 People need a chance to reflect on spiritual matters in solitude. 人们需要独处的机会来反思精神上的事情。

82. stainless ['ste?nl?s] adj. 不锈的 I have a set of stainless knives and forks.

83. steep [sti:p] adj. 陡峭的 The slope is too steep for us to climb. 这斜坡太陡,我们爬不上去。

84. strawberry ['str?:b?r?] n. 草莓I only had a strawberry yoghurt for breakfast. 我早餐只吃一个草莓酸奶。

85. substitute ['s?bst?tju:t] vt.& vi. 代替n. 代替者Second again, we shouldn't substitute our 86. personal feeling for policies. 其次,我们不应该拿个人感情代替政策。

87. vacant [?ve?k?nt] adj. 空闲的Vacant positions can be made known through the medium of the press. 职位空缺可假托报纸公布于众。

88. valid ['v?l?d] adj. 有效的 Illness is a valid excuse for being absent from work. 生病是不去上班的正当理由。

89. visual ['vl] adj. 视觉的 I have a very good visual memory. 我过目不忘。

90. worm [w?:m] n. 虫,蠕虫

91. factor ['f?kt?(r)] n. 因素

92. negative ['neɡ?t?v] adj. 消极的

93. complain [k?m'ple?n] vi. 抱怨

94. complaint [k?m?ple?nt] n. 抱怨

95. detail [?di:te?l] n. 详述

96. solution [slu:?n] n. 解决;溶解

97. solve [s?lv] vt. 解决

98. involve [?n'v?lv] vt. 包含;使参与,牵涉

99. ideal [a?'di:?l] adj. 理想的n. 理想

101. narrator [nre?t?(r)] n. (故事的)讲述者

102. neutral [?nju:tr?l] adj. 中立的

103. affirmative [f?:m?t?v] adj. 肯定的;赞成的

104. economy [?'k?n?m?] n. 节约;经济

105. attentive [tent?v] adj. 注意的









abroad, accept, accident, traffic accident, according to, active, actor, actress, address, admire, admit, advice, advise, afford, afraid, afternoon, again and again, against, age, at the age of, ago, agree, agriculture, air, airport, alive, allow, almost, alone, already, always, America, angry, animal, answer, anxious, anything, anywhere, appear, army, arrange, arrive, article, artist, ask, asleep, pay attention to, aunt, Australia, Australian, author, autumn, average, baby, back, bad, bag, ball, balloon, banana, bank, basic, basket, basketball, bath, bathroom, be able to, bear, beautiful, because, because of, become, go to bed, bee, beer, before, begin, behind, believe, belong to, bench, beside, besides, do one’s best, better, had better, between, bike, big, biology, bird, birthday, birthplace, bite, black, blackboard, blame, blind, blood, blow, blue, boat, bone, book, be born, borrow, boss, both…and, bottle, bottom, bowl, box, boy, brain, bread, break, break out, breakfast, have breakfast, breath, hold one’s breath, out of breath, breathe, bridge, bright, Britain, British, broadcast, brother, building, burn, bus, business, busy, be busy doing sth., be busy with sth., by, by bus/car/plane/train/ship/air, bye-bye, cake, call, calm, camera, can, Canada, Canadian, candle, cap, capital, card, care for, take care of, careful, careless, carry, cat, catch up with, cause, cave, , center, century, certain, certainly, chair, chairman, chalk, chance, change…into, charge, cheap, check, chemistry, chicken, China, Chinese, choice, Christmas, church, cigarette, cinema, go to the cinema, city, class, have classes, after class, classmate, classroom, clean, clear, clerk, clever, climb, clinic, clock, close, cloth, clothes, cloud, club, coal, coat, cock, coffee, coin, cold, catch cold, collect, college, go to college, colour, come back, come from, come in, comfortable, common, company, compare, complete, composition, computer, concert, condition, congratulate, consider, continue, control, convenient, conversation, cook, cool, copy, corner, correct, cotton, cough, count, country, couple, courage, course, of course, cover, be covered with, cow, crop, cross, crowd, cruel, cry, cup, cure, curious, custom, damage, dance, danger, dangerous, dare, dark, date, daughter, day, day after day, day and night, one day, the day after tomorrow, the day before yesterday, the other day, deal with, a great deal of, dear, death, decide, deed, do a good deed, deep, defeat, degree, delay, depend on, describe, desert, design, desk, destroy, develop, development, devote, dialogue, diamond, diary, dictionary, die, die of ; 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痛苦和牺牲31年前。让我告诉你关于你的中国祖母。在香港的某个地方,五十年代后期,一名年轻女服务员发现自己怀孕了,可能是一名厨师,可能是她餐厅的同事。她把宝宝带到了学校,为了生育而受苦,并把这个小女孩留在了她生命的前三个月。我喜欢认为我的母亲 - 你的随从 - 爱我,争取自己养活我,但是日常的斗争太难了。在新生婴儿的要求下,也许不断遭受饥饿的威胁,她做出了痛苦的决定,放弃她的女孩,让我们两个都有机会过上更好的生活。更有可能的是,我被送到孤儿院(M JLR)的台阶或其他地方。我可能永远不会知道事实。在未婚状态下生一个孩子会给中国的家庭带来耻辱,所以她可能把我的存在保密了。一旦我失去了生命,就好像我从未出生过。所以你和你我的兄弟是一棵家谱上失踪的树叶。他们有没有想过我们是否存在?在我两岁之前,我被一对盎格鲁夫妇收养。我每天吃三顿正餐,就像疯狂的杂草一样长大,抓住了他们提供的所有机会 - 书籍,音乐,教育,教会生活和社区活动。然而,在一群蓝眼睛的金发女郎身上,我像拇指一样站了起来。无论是因为嫉妒还是害怕一个看起来如此不同的人,我的哥哥们有时候会嘲笑我不愉快的皮肤,或者拙劣地走路。穆迪和急躁,担心我们没有意识到是由于我早年的需要而导致的,我不是一个容易爱的孩子。多年来,我和母亲无数次的冲突,渐渐地把自己看成是真正的有缺点,有才能的人类,也是自己有实力的女人。在抚养我的母亲身上缺少一个镜像,我必须自己去寻找一个女人的身份。亚裔美国人社区帮助我重新获得双重身份。但我的一部分将永远缺少:我的开始,我的个人历史,所有微妙的细节,给了一个人她的起源。尽管如此,有人给我一个幸运的名字“小围”。 “小”意思是“小”,“战意是聪明”,所以我的宝宝名字叫“小聪明”,谁选了这个字呢?谁注意到我到达世界呢? 18年,为了方便起见,“苏”是美国化的,但是就像一件不合身的外套,让我感到不舒服,我讨厌这个名字,但更多的是,我讨厌成为中国人,花了很多年为我的亚洲人感到骄傲并且鼓起勇气夺回我的出生名字,再加上对广东话课堂的一点认识,就是我所要提供给你的中华文化,当然不是白人,而是真正的亚洲人。你的名字叫“少明”,非常像我的 - “少”意思是“小”,而“明”是“明亮的”,如在阳光下或月亮,你会照亮谁的生命,玛雅小玛雅?你的过去比我的完整,每一天我都在你宝贝的时候摇曳你,慷慨地给你我对我的冷杉所缺乏的爱护两年。当我拍拍你的时候,我安慰我内心失落的婴儿,她仍在为母亲哭泣。






2:考生考场感受角度——你的感受是英语水平的直接反应!还记得一个月前那个下午的血腥味吗?在听力部分:你和其他考生都会感觉非常良好,你会感觉到这个部分只有少数几题有点模糊,其他答案你还是比较靠谱的。在单项填空部分,你会感觉拿不准的题目多了,甚至还有几题的题干看不懂,不知道该选哪一个,这个也是正常的。你可能会有点慌,但是老师肯定会和你说,这是正常的,你不会大家也不会之类blabla的。在疑问中,你到了完型填空部分。哎~~~~,今年的完形填空貌似比去年前年都简单哦,大家都在网上传。但是,你可能不会有非常明显的感受。这个环节你应当和平时表现相差不远,或者稍好。在阅读理解部分,A篇文章就有点难(但是江苏卷哪一年简单过呢?),好在第56题可以很轻松就拿到分了(不要告诉我你做错了,或者是没印象)。从第57题开始,一直到B、C两篇。你在读文章的时候可能稍微有点晕,但是题目也没有超出你的接受范围。你的表现,和平时比是正常的,或者稍微有点难。做完64题,抬头一看表,就发现留给D篇的时间不多了吧。匆匆扫一遍文章,然后紧接着就做题。文章貌似还是很感人的,但是题目就……时间不够啊,选项看不懂啊,答案太绕了啊,每个答案都对啊。阅读理解错了好几个!任务型阅读对于你来说,一直是痛苦的题型。你可能发现自己做对的没超过三个。这是正常的。作文,已经没时间了,看完文章,赶快写。赞同,反对都可以,找理由?自己没想过这个问题啊?(你可能感觉没话写!)写的时候,你会一些单词错误,有不少语法错误,你还会用as far as i'm concerned,firstly, secondly等等,但是语篇连贯可能不够,影响最后得分。写完最后一个字(我相信你答题卡已经涂完了),也就离交卷没几分钟了。两个小时的时间,紧紧巴巴,磕磕绊绊。


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